Tuesday, January 01, 2008


For those UK-based bloggers who still pay any attention to my deranged ramblings, and any other readers of this esteemed organ (coo-err, he’s on a roll here...), there will be a coffee get-together at 1pm on Thursday 17th of January 2008 in the lobby bar at the Euston Novotel in London.

It’ll most likely then lead on to a pub somewhere, so pitch up before 3pm if you don’t want to get left behind... ;-)

Use the email link in my profile (unless you’re on Facebook, where you can contact me directly) if you want a contact number for the day.


At 11:08 pm, Blogger Lucy said...

I would love to... I will have to check my diary tho, how crap does that sound? But sadly true. Dependant on schedule tho, you're on.

At 1:43 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

Sweet! It'd be lovely to see you again, m'dear!

Thought I'd just initiate something for the sheer hell of it. It's far too easy for time to zoom by...


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