Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meanwhile, from a bunker somewhere in the desert...

I know, I’ve got this great idea to get people to take us seriously and treat our ‘grievances’ sympathetically.

First, we kidnap someone. A journalist, maybe.

Then we get him on video denouncing the west and everyone in it as tyrants and criminals.

If that doesn’t work, strap a shitload of explosives to him and then get him to talk on camera about how well we’re treating him and that the western world’s a place full of torturers and hypocrites.

That’ll work, honest...
Go here for the full outline.

“Army of Islam”, indeed. I have little enough time for religion as it is, but nasty little fuckers like these have absolutely nothing to do with god-bothering in any shape or form. The only struggle they’re going through is the same sort of self-pitying whining that Hitler ceaselessly churned out in Mein Kampf. The oh-poor-me, no-one’s ever had it as hard and no-one understands the weight of destiny on my poor wee shoulders sort of bilge that people expect of adolescents who listen to emo music, but not of grown men and women.

Open message to terrorists everywhere:
If you’re so right about your cause and so strong in your belief that victory is inevitable, pony up to the table like everyone else has to and talk to people. Discuss, debate, engage with free speech (you might want to look that one up ahead of time) and do deals. Cigars or no cigars, Clinton would at least talk with anyone and try to see what they want. Life is a compromise, deal with it. As the great philosopher Jagger once said “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.”

If, however, what you really want is to destroy things, blow things up, steal other people’s territory, settle old tribal scores and gain absolute power and influence by any means, then don’t act so surprised that the rest of us want to remove all trace of you from the gene pool and wipe you from the face of OUR planet.


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