Friday, October 20, 2006

Fire The Engines Of God

Partly due to the nagging feeling that, due to being out of London and not having huge amounts of room for people to stay, I'd been putting off sorting any kind of celebration for my birthday (40th, Sunday 29th Oct - cash always accepted) on the purely pragmatic notion that in all likelihood very few people would be able to turn up.

I’ve since been cajoled by more sensible people into emailing a selection of the elite from the address book, and have got a good response back about who fancies coming and whether or not, at their ages, they could even contemplate fancy dress. Well, what's the point of becoming an adult, earning cash and having all those bills to pay if you can’t occasionally dress like a twat? I know I’m going to give the boots (see earlier post) a good outing... ;-)

So, the Birthday Party Planning Campaign swings into action like a well-oiled machine. With several (if not all) of the vital components missing. Because I’ve done so little prep, I have no idea what I’m going to do for the evening, other than some nebulous “party” thing.

I’ve bought a big fire-pit, as it’s October and cold. Laugh all you want, LA-types...

I’ve made some lists of things to buy (even bought a couple...).

I’m going to cook, so there are quite a few large food-warming devices to be requisitioned.

Obviously, the English will drink furiously (note to self - order more booze) and thereby cover any organisational gaps, but how about some of you volunteering some ideas of not-too-hard-to-arrange things to do, or even just a checklist of stuff for me to go through.

Yes, I know it’s my birthday, but I would rather like people to enjoy the party too, in between bouts of telling me how young, talented and gorgeous I still am... ahem...


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