Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tally ho!

I quite like science-fiction conventions. There, I've said it.

Not all of them, admittedly, but those that work well, like the one up in Coventry recently are usually quite a blast. The organisers have a healthy disrespect for themselves and the whole idea of conventions without it spilling over into ridicule. They all know that they're not working on a cure for cancer, or that a shuttle launch won't go ahead without them. The atmosphere is therefore one of unforced, gentle fun. Jolly convivial and allows for a few extended spots of catching-up/business chat with various actor friends over coffee and nibblies without them having to rush off to a photo shoot or signing within seconds of sitting down.

The other extremely pleasant thing (other organisers take note, please) is that those running the show are open to the fact that people like us are not attendees or particularly virulent fans of any of the shows, but are working in the industry. We also have to grab time with some of our work colleagues in strange places (such as sci-fi conventions). This placing of us on the "other side of the table" is profoundly helpful, as it stops a whole load of awkwardness and the perception of us as gawping fans, hoping for an autograph or a few snatched minutes of superficial conversation with a guest.

Meeting up with Tai Chi Supergirl was superbly timed, as she'd just finished an activity and had a lunchtime gap of a couple of hours before needing to be sitting in the signing queue. Long chats regarding the development of a website for her newly-invigorated business drive went well. There was loads of personal catch-up time for Good Dog and her, furiously swapping notes about novels and current writers that have caught their eye. She'd recently been through some very taxing business dealings, and has come out the other side a much stronger and focused person. Good to be around people like that! ;-)

Our Lead Participant was also there, in a festive and jolly mood. Not having met Tai Chi Supergirl, they'd been introduced the night before and got on like a house on fire. We presented the final DVD containing the main show and interview segments for her perusal. Also saw one of the interviewees there and passed him a courtesy copy. Always helps to get people on-side, plus he's a fine chap and it's good to keep him appraised of what we're doing with his material. Wise to let people know that you're not misrepresenting them, I feel...

Also met up with Bond Darling, who is always a joy to be around, and Booking Babe (who was looking after her) who enjoyed my boots perhaps a little too much. Or not enough, depending on one's viewpoint, ho ho...

All in all, a positive, life-affirming day. Even with the mind-bendingly dire traffic/roadworks abortion that was the trip home. Inconvenient temporary speed limits coupled with the now obvious fact that most drivers in the UK got their licences out of a cereal packet and have no bloody idea how to drive. Or have any courtesy whatsoever.


Back to HQ to tie up loose ends on the Lead Participant's DVD project to finally put that to bed, sort out our cauldron of nebulous ideas into some kind of plans that we can put into production or a form that can be pitched to people, review the original ideas for Tai Chi Supergirl's website and fix up the PC that I botched last week...

Currently listening to: The Boomtown Rats - In The Long Grass. In most places, it doesn't even come up to patchy. Guess they just weren't the songwriters they thought they were. After Rat Trap (A Tonic for the Troops) and I Don't Like Mondays (The Fine Art of Surfacing), they seem to have fallen to bits.


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