Thursday, August 16, 2007


Some of the most defining moments in TN history, certainly from the point of view of an audience member, would have to be found in a couple of large tracks, Sequences and Creepshow. The former is over sixteen minutes long, with the latter weighing in at around twelve.

Both are lyrically involved, with dark and intense subject matter, and both lent themselves to the theatricality of the frontman (whether it was Andy or Geoff) becoming the conduit for the story. While Creepshow is ostensibly about the abnegation of individual free will to that of the state in the form of meek compliance and acceptance of one’s role in society (see 1984’s media manipulation and restriction of information), Sequences took the subject of the Great War to illustrate a similar theme. Without detracting in any way from the horrific sacrifice of the individual, it went for the jugular of the will of the state, which fed an entire (and sadly willing) generation into the uncaring abbatoir of war.

I could be wrong, but I think we’re seeing the same thing happening to young Americans/Brits/‘westerners’ and a section of the followers of Islam that have both been persuaded that killing each other is a ‘patriotic duty’ that overarches any kind of personal or individual respect for freedom. From the lyric of Sequences:
If hate and war could solve anything, don’t you think they’d have solved it a long time ago?
Though there are many excellent songs about war, this one (and that line in particular) rings true. I remember quoting it to Frank, who had been through the farce of Operation Market Garden in Arnhem and, after a pause with a faraway look in his eyes, he just nodded.

So, whether you’re an atheist like me, or you have some holy book you read out of for comfort or guidance, isn’t it about time that we all started playing nice? Especially if we consider ourselves to be in any way evolved...


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