Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chunka chunka bam

I think that’s how one of the tunes goes...

Well, faithful readers, it appears that the gigs are almost upon us and that work (you know, the real-life stuff) is getting squeezed a little too much into the wee hours of the morning. Two deadlines almost missed because of letdowns and other factors I just ran out of ‘contingency time’ on means that my blogging went str8 in da bin.

Facebook (or “crackbook” as I now know it, thanks to Caroline) takes up a little too much time that I ought to be spending on work, but I’ve even reined that in, as there’s just too much to do, even with the amount of people now cranking out work for me.

However, it seems that fortuitous timing is on my side, with a client about to let me loose on a bunch of project management for some of the jobs we already work on further down the chain. Now, I know that paperwork isn’t something that I’m all that hot on, but my sister and several other friends are dead good at it and do project management as part of their gainful employment. More than that, they’re looking for some work on the side so, cunningly, they can come to work for me on a few of these projects and open up all-new, super-shiny and oh-so-lucrative revenue streams from an existing client. Yum, and indeed, yum. Feels great to be able to hand work on to good people.

It’s looking highly likely that the ‘house-flipping’ venture will begin to take off next year, as well as potentially co-creating some documentaries for the archive Doctor Who DVD releases, so I’ll need to be hanging onto my hat at this rate!

I hope that everyone else out there is rocking along well. It may be some time before I throw out another missive, certainly before the final gig on the 24th at the Albany.